Contact, inquiries, support and any other issues

Contact, inquiries, support and any other issues

Postby Cristi » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:12 pm

For contact, support and inquiries please send mail to connexelectronic() The chance for an answer are much higher than asking on forum because I check mail more often than the forum.
For support or product inquires, please ask by email first before asking on the forum. Send mail to the same address, and consider the time difference, and allow me at least 12-36 hours except weekends to reply.
If send mail after mail before I reply, the server will block the mails because might be considered spam.

I will reply in reasonable time to all decent questions regarding product inquiries and I reserve the right to not reply to questions which I already answered before in previous mail, have the answer in the product manual, on the forum or are below good sense threshold, abusive or indicate total lack of knowledge and possibly further issues with email sender, or cheap bargains. Remember that some of the boards are mains powered and I don't dare to sell a power supply to someone who was asking me what if supply with 230V on the other connector (the DC output). I don't want to have guilty conscious for anyone. I just delete them and go on. If they insist I suggest to buy somewhere else. Recently I received a lot of mails from peoples who bought some products sold by some other vendors, which are not selling any of our products, are different from our product range and insisted to reply to their techincal questions because "that" seller did not reply or suggested that might ask us.

The complete assembled and tested modules such as amplifiers and power supplies, come with warranty included in purchasing price which guarantee that the boards are free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. Warranty is void if the product is misused, abused, modified or "improved". Any claim regarding quality issues or malfunction must be done within warranty period.
The buyer must contact us by email first, asking on forum without contact by mail might void his warranty request because it has been prooved that in 80-90% of cases there boards are working fine but connected incorrectly and the user enjoy making a drama from this issue, and never bother to update the story once the issue was solved leaving the claim opened for speculation.
If the board was not intentionally damaged or by misuse, the board will be repaired or replaced free of charge if will be sent back, the user must pay the shipping back and return of the repaired or replaced board(s).
If the product does not match the required application, was wrongly ordered or need upgrade, we can exchange it with required product, and difference cost plus or minus will be calculated and transfered. In some cases we can refund some board(s) sold if they are returned safely on buyer's cost within 30 days from the date of purchase. A restocking fee will be calculated and applied.
If the board is damaged by mistake, or misuse within warranty period or even after the 90 days warranty period, we can repair and will charge just the price of the parts at our sourcing value (no labor cost just price of the parts and shipping) the shipping back and forth must be paid by buyer.
If the board(s) was (were) damaged intentionally, (one became bored or found a better deal and hope to get his money back by destroying the board and claim warranty) we reserve the right to refuse any help.
If the board(s) was (were) damaged durring shipping and the damage is visible while the package is delivered, must contact us immediately. We strive to offer the best possible shipping service for the most reasonable cost, pack the products as good as possible, like we would like to receive them if buy something, but sometimes the angry, frustrated or simply careless postal workers might affect the product.
This conditions are written on the webpage too, and any customer must be aware about before purchasing any product. Purchasing a product means that he is aware and agree with all this conditions.
Before any board(s) will be sent back for repair, we will try to diagnose the problem and if possible solve without being sent back. Cooperation is highly appreciated. I will ask some questions and description of the problem, will indicate some trobleshooting tips and some pictures which can help us find if is just wiring problem which can be solved without the board being sent back, and provide shipping address for return.
Do not send anything without confirmation. I must know when a package is coming to receive-it.
Considering this aspect, I would be very happy if those who have any issue would be fair and tell me exactly what happen and not try to discard any possible fault just to save some $.
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